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Your HAPPINESS ticket is valid for a reduction at:

KMSKB – Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium – MrBAB
– Musée Old Masters Museum
– Musée Fin-de-Siècle Museum

KMKG – Royal Museums of Art and History – MRAH
– Art & History Museum
– MIM: Musical Instruments Museum

KBR – Royal Library of Belgium
– KBR Museum


Present your HAPPINESS ticket at their counter and get € 2 reduction* per ticket.
* € 1 reduction at Planetarium

Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

The collection of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium covers a period extending from the 15th to the 21st centuries. It provides a vast overview of western art, with remarkable ensembles of works of artists from Belgium or from the former Southern Netherlands. Composed mainly of paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints, it also includes, in particular through donations or deposits, items of decorative arts and furniture along with a small number of non-European works.


Royal Museums of Art and History

The Royal Museums of Art and History are part of the Federal Scientific Institutes managed by the Minister for Science Policy of Belgium. The MRAH encompass various museums in Brussels: Art & History Museum, Musical Instruments Museum and Halle Gate.

Art & History Museum
Embark on a fascinating journey through art and history! Come and stroll among the prehistoric flints and Egyptian mummies, walk between the ancient glasses and stand back to contemplate the impressive medieval tapestries. Immerse yourself in the oriental world as you pass Asian Buddhas and travel to the other side of the world to see pre-Columbian statuettes.

Musical Instruments Museum
In a beautifully restored complex in Brussels, of which one part is Art Nouveau and the other neoclassical in design, the 1200 most interesting instruments are assembled in 4 galleries, enhanced by images, sound and text panels. No wonder that, since its opening in 2000, the MIM has become a first class cultural attraction on the Mont des Arts.

Halle Gate
Although thousands of people pass every day close to this remaining part of the second surrounding wall of Brussels, along the “petite ceinture” between the Place Louise and the Midi Station, very few of them are conscious of its eventful history. This fairytale monument, more than 600 years old is in fact the most remarkable witness of the City’s medieval past. After renovation work, the Halle Gate houses now a permanent presentation dedicated to the medieval City of Brussels. Climb the Halle Gate’s 169 steps and enjoy Brussels’ most stunning panoramic view.


Royal Library of Belgium

The Royal Library of Belgium is the national scientific library. It collects all Belgian publications and preserves, manages and studies an extensive cultural and historical heritage. It provides the public with access to information, facilitates research and offers a broad cultural experience.

KBR Museum
Explore the 15th century in our region through the images, stories and characters from the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy. Six centuries ago, Brussels belonged to the rich and powerful Dukes of Burgundy. Skilled politicians and cultured patrons, they established a stirring treasure, a unique and fascinating collection of manuscripts: the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy.

These masterpieces, which have survived the ravages of time and history, have been looked after by KBR and can now be admired at the KBR museum. Explore Europe’s medieval cultural past and then admire the magnificent illuminated manuscripts from the ducal library. Although manuscripts form the heart of the museum, the KBR museum is much more than just looking at books. There is also a lot to experience!



The Planetarium is a magical place to discover the beauty of the starry sky. Beneath a semi-spherical dome, embark on a journey where the canopy of heaven, panoramic landscapes and astronomical images blend together. The Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, one of the largest in Europe, welcomes you to a projection hall, with a state-of-the-art projection system made up of eight of the latest technology video-projectors. Visitors will be immersed in a fascinating image projected on the dome covering 840 m². Thanks to an astronomy database containing more than 100.000 stars, it’s possible to travel among planets, fly above Mars or even approach the rings of Saturn! Escape beyond the limits of the solar system, even the Milky Way!