If you are looking for fun activities to do with your children in Belgium, there are plenty of options available. Whether you’re looking for educational museums, entertaining theme parks or outdoor activities, a trip with children can be both educational and fun.

It’s a chance to spend time with your kids, discover new things and create memories that will last a lifetime. From exploring historical monuments to enjoying local cuisine, there are many fun activities for kids in Brussels. Here’s our top 10 suggestions:

  • Mini-Europe: A miniature park with famous monuments and buildings from all over Europe in 1:25 scale.
  • The Atomium: This iconic building has panoramic views of Brussels and exhibitions on the history of the World’s Fairs.
  • The Museum of Natural Sciences: This museum has an extensive collection of dinosaurs, as well as exhibitions on the biodiversity of our planet.
  • The Comic Museum: This museum is dedicated to Belgian comics and has exhibitions on famous cartoon characters such as Tintin and Lucky Luke.
  • The BELvue Museum: This museum is about the history and culture of Belgium, with interactive exhibitions and activities for children.
  • Océade: A water park with several pools and slides for children of all ages.
  • The Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium (KMSKB): This museum has a collection of paintings, sculptures and drawings by Belgian and international artists, from the Middle Ages to modern times.
  • The Toy Museum: As well as an extensive collection of toys from different periods and countries, this museum has interactive games and activities.
  • The Jubilee Park Museum: With a collection of archaeological and artifacts from antiquity, this museum also has exhibitions on the history of war and weapons.
  • The Train World museum: This museum is about the history of Belgian trains and has interactive exhibitions and activities for children.

A trip to Brussels with children is always a good idea. There’s no shortage of children’s activities in Brussels. There are so many activities, you can easily spend a week in Brussels with kids and do something different every day. In Brussels, children of all ages have fun indoor and outdoor, with activities for the whole family.

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